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Legal Update

By Chris Olmsted, NCPA Legislative Chair .

San Diego Proposes Minimum Wage Increase and Mandatory Sick Pay

....California legislature recently voted to increase the state minimum wage, but City of San Diego politicians want more. They want a higher minimum plus mandatory sick pay.

Staffing Company Not Liable for Poisoning

...Workplace disputes between employees cause headaches for employers who are often caught in the middle. In rare cases, disputes get out of hand and someone gets hurt. A recent California case ....

Hospital Worker's Poor Review Can't Foil Age Claim

...California Court of Appeal held the inconsistencies between an employer’s policies and disciplinary actions gave rise to the inference of an illegal motive for terminating an employee. ...

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April 2014 President’s Pen 


Happy Spring!


Although this winter was a mild one here in Southern California, spring always brings freshness and brightness that can’t seem to be found any other time of year.  The same can be said for NCPA!

Here at NCPA, we are going into our business planning season with our first of two business planning meetings for the year scheduled in May.  This is the board’s opportunity to strategize about the success of our association and ways to improve and grow.  Where you, as a member, can help us is by contributing your ideas and input on ways to better serve our HR population.  It is our members that drive our association, and it is our members that should be heard in this process.  We want this association to meet your needs, as well as contribute to the community in which we are a part.  If you have any ideas, thoughts, or issues that you would like the board to address at the business planning meeting, please be sure to contact me at

Thank you for your continued support of NCPA – it is our members that make us unique!

Janet M. Mainenti, M.A., SPHR









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